to everyone !    
But especially to my friends   
all over the world !!!   



This year has been particularly busy for me - again, so, like last year, there aren't any personal pages but only my heartfelt wish that all of you are happy,
well-fed *gg*
and got their right share of gifts.

If you have any comments, direct them to: .

Best wishes for all of you !!!

My sister Tanja, my brother-in-law Daniel
and my nephews Tobias and Benjamin.

My brother Andreas and my sister-in-law Verena.

Martin F., Martin M. (Lupo), Armin, Anke, Dirk and Jörg P.
Astrid, Anja and Helge, Wolfram, Frank and Norbert, Jens S.
from my varios Home Campaigns;
Bernd and Ruediger, who are two of my oldest friends

Christy and Kar-yee, who I got to know through
an email RPG ages ago,   ;-)
as well as Sheri and Tai, who I've got the pleasure
to adventure with nowadays.

The Living-Greyhawk people from Ahlissa (Principality of Innspa)/Adri (Germany/Austria), especially our most revered Triad and
Katja, Gerrit, Ingo, Ken, Malte, Marcus

The Living-Greyhawk people from Sunndi (Benelux):
Maya Deva and Bas, Pieter, Martin v.W., Floris, Erno,
Mark, Sebastiaan, Pierre, Ward, Eric, ...
and the Living-Greyhawk people from Onnwal (Great Britain and Irland)
Darrell, Les, Terry, Karl G., Nick, Steve, all those people
who went to Innspa during the Open Slot at last GenCon UK
(sorry, if I forgot your names), ...
and the ODT who make my trips to GenCon UK and Excaliber
so much more fun!

Bruce, the Australian LG Triad guy,
who once GMed a PbEM for Christy, Kar-yee, me and others.

Steffi, Chris, Darius and Benedikt

Clarence (Andreas), Frank, Heinrich, Maike und Thorsten
from Clarence's PbEM.

All members of Clan TI, especially Judith and our leader André (Obi);
long time no see!

Kristiina and her family from Finland

Brian from Cananda

I'm aware that I have probably forgotten lots of people,
who deserve greetings. If this is the case for you, I am extremely sorry.
Maybe a little reminder will improve things for next year.






Learn something about the
German Christmas Traditions

There are probably many different ways to
celebrate Christmas.

In Germany we do know about
Santa Claus, but it is not necessarily
he who brings the gifts.

Read more about it!

(This is the updated "Christmas in Germany" page from the last years.)

New !!!
Take a look at the Christmas Market
and other sites in Witten during December

Also new !!!
A whole lot of Christmas Tree pictures


Many thanks to "Hobbit" for this Christmas graphics set.


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